Blog Tip #1: Using and crediting other’s images

This is the first time I’ve truly blogged. Hopefully adding some value to young designers out there with my little bit o’ knowledge from the real world.

Since this is my first time blogging, I have been googling answers to questions I have about how to go about this. As I discover them, I will share what I find. If you have tips for me or disagree with any info, please share! The point here is to learn!

So to kick it off:

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Blog Tip #1

Images on public websites, such as a retail store, are usable on your personal site as long as you credit the source, of course. You MUST credit the source. On the flip side, images on someone’s personal blog or website, must be granted permission to use before you can use it on your own blog. And again, you MUST credit the source.

5 Tips to Get Out of an Inspirational Rut

Stuck in an inspiration rut and can’t get out? Here are some handy dandy tips I have used in the past to get out of my creative hole of darkness.

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1. Stalk your favorite designers. I personally love Willoughby Design, Ciera Design, Cuban Council (they designed the Facebook logo!), and David Airey to name a few. See what they’ve created recently. Copy a color palette, observe layouts and font treatments, and read their advice (it’s good stuff).

2. Take a peek at these crazy sites: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Jonathan Harris, Cowbird, and Gain some perspective on life, purpose, intention, and expectations.

3. Subscribe to expert’s emails in your specific industry. If you work at a financial institution, The Financial Brand is a fantastic marketing resource. What do these experts have to say? How did they present their information? (Is it designed well?)

4. Get outside of your industry. What are experts doing in retail that you could apply to a financial institution? Compare two unrelated industries and see what is being used in the same way (photography style, marketing approach, Facebook promos, etc) and what is being used differently. Get out of your box for a moment and pull something back into it.

5. Pinterest. Duh.



My boss uses the quote above all the time. He’s used it in conjunction with “Put your opinion down and step away from the designer” as he slowly backed away from my cubicle. I laugh, but at the time I knew I was a little fiery with the redundancy of changes being requested. The battle between good design and opinion rages on. Thus, your opinion, although interesting, is perhaps irrelevant when it comes to the philosophy and logic that lies behind good, intentional, meaningful design.

Designers, set your ego down. Non-designers, tuck your opinion into your back pocket and step away.

My boss was a wise man.