Make it a big one

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“Telling a story” is what marketing is all about these days. ¬†It’s the trend. It’s everywhere. Apple is pushing it. Subaru is pushing it. The story tellers will win the war for our attention. We relate to stories. We understand stories. We are built to story-tell.

What’s your story?

The greatest minds I have ever had the privilege of hearing speak, know their story. They know what they stand for. They know their weaknesses. They know their strengths. Most of them can state their personal vision and values in 10 words or less. Can you describe YOU in ten words or less?

YOU are a brand. You have a story. Might as well make it a big one.

Get Your Learn On

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Stuck in a strict design environment? Haven’t landed the dream job? Tired of the same projects day in and day out?

Here’s a question: What are you doing outside of work to grow in your field? Every experience you can collect along the way, pushes you that much further into the realm of a good designer.

I read books. I have a blog. I have two twitter accounts. I have a Facebook business page. I have Instagram. I have a Flickr account. And an Etsy Store. These things have absolutely NOTHING to do with my corporate graphic design job. Social media is actually prohibited in my “real” job. So the experience I am gaining from utilizing these systems and resources by trying to establish business, connections, and networks is crazy valuable. It’s not necessary or required, but to keep up with the times, you better be running with them.

Get your learn on. Any way you possibly can. And never stop.


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Freebie: Business Card Template

Oh, hey!

Giving away a business card template to celebrate the opening of my Etsy Shop. Template (Photoshop CS5) will be available for the next 24 hours! Then it will be gone – sad day.

Get it here. Show my shop some love. Please and thanks. :]

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Blog Tip #3: Call to Action

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Blog Tip #3: Call to Action

Call to action statements are critical. Use them on every post, page and sidebar. Your blog has an ultimate goal (or it should) so use this to form your statement around. Do you want email subscribers? Do you want them to buy your book? Do you want them to leave comments and start a conversation? You may have one chance to influence a viewer to do something – so make sure you have them – everywhere! Like this: Add a call to action to your blog now before you lose any more one-stop followers.