Think vs. Do

I’m the type of person that likes to over-think about things. This makes me good at strategy, analyzing every angle of a situation, and being intentional.

However, I get very frustrated with myself because I have all these brilliant ideas and projects I want to prune into beautiful little creations but find myself stuck at the keyboard staring at the screen with my mind spinning.

To combat this, I’ve been telling myself to just do it, go go go, and get it done. Don’t plan. Don’t think. Just move. I purposefully have to remind myself to move forward when I catch myself in a whirlwind of indecision because of the what ifs and possibilities of a project.

I’ve also made a little game for myself. I turn on pandora, listen to a favorite station, and design until the song ends. When the song ends, I move on to the next design. I don’t have time to over-think and I have to switch design styles when the music changes. It’s a good exercise and if you struggle with designers block or throwing rapid fire designs out there, try it for yourself.


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