Katie, Oh Young DesignerOh, Young Designer: The Blog is a creative outlet of lessons (not) learned in design school during my tenure as a professional graphic designer offering:

  • My advice for the young designer
  • The truth about a designer’s job
  • Tips and tricks I taught myself outside of school

Journalistic photography, inspirational quotes, freebies, lessons (not) learned in school, and favorite designers and discoveries will also be shared via this blog. With four years of design experience, I feel I can offer a bit of insight for any young graphic designers out there as to what the “real world” of design is like as well as inspire and curate a collection of pretty posts for my own (and maybe your) enjoyment. Please participate in discussions and comment on posts. I’d love to hear feedback and learn a little bit more as I go. Thanks for stopping by!


graphic designer, i am, about me, about, likes, dislikes, bucket list, photographer

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just fell in love with both this blog and your personal one! I’m a journalism student who’s always had an interest in design and love reading more about it. Will definitely stay tuned!

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