Fall Fashion Look Book

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Hello blog friends,

I have recently started my own personal blog, kathrynfarritor.com. I have much more personal topics and photography-related features on this blog and I just completed a little project I am calling the Fall Fashion Look Book. Would love if you subscribed to email or RSS updates for that blog.

Click here to see the Look Book!

Much love,


P.S. The Look Book was a personal project I created for myself. It was to give myself an opportunity to envision an idea and bring it to life.

Take It With You: DSLR Camera Bag Insert

express insert for dslr camera camaroo amazon

I set out on a search for a small camera bag backpack that I could fit my Nikon D90 and 24-70mm lens into. That’s all I want to put in it. No extra lenses. No flash equipment. I want to begin taking my camera with me to concerts, hiking, on motorcycle rides, but I want it to be protected obviously. And cute. Is this too much to ask?!

It seemed like all the bags I found were either large, ugly, or just black (boring!) The cutesy, girly camera bags like Epiphanie or Jill-e, seemed to cater to the purse or laptop style. I actually already have Epiphanie’s Lola style bag – and I LOVE IT! However, it’s not an easy addition to strap on your back when you’re hanging on for your life on the back of your boyfriend’s motorcycle.

What I discovered on the camera bag search, was a handy-dandy little padded insert designed for DSLR cameras that you can slip your camera and lens into and then slip the entire padded insert into any bag or purse you want. I found it on Amazon.com for $22.00 and it’s an awesome addition to have for the on-the-go, journalistic-like photographers out there. The only downfall is that I should have purchased a larger size because my lens (24-77mm) attached to my camera body is slightly larger than the insert allows for so just check the size requirements you will need with the size of the insert before purchasing. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it! Now I get to go shop for some super fun backpacks – horray!

Get Your Learn On

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Stuck in a strict design environment? Haven’t landed the dream job? Tired of the same projects day in and day out?

Here’s a question: What are you doing outside of work to grow in your field? Every experience you can collect along the way, pushes you that much further into the realm of a good designer.

I read books. I have a blog. I have two twitter accounts. I have a Facebook business page. I have Instagram. I have a Flickr account. And an Etsy Store. These things have absolutely NOTHING to do with my corporate graphic design job. Social media is actually prohibited in my “real” job. So the experience I am gaining from utilizing these systems and resources by trying to establish business, connections, and networks is crazy valuable. It’s not necessary or required, but to keep up with the times, you better be running with them.

Get your learn on. Any way you possibly can. And never stop.


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