Reflecting On September: Personal Blog

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Hello friends! I’ve been busy over at my personal blog – reflecting on life, compiling some images and quotes, and building a little brand for myself.

I also have both Oh, Young Designer and on bloglovin! Click the bloglovin link above to follow if you like that type of feed!

I am starting a series over there called, “The Inspired Series” in which I will be interviewing awesomely creative Etsy businesses and learning more about their inspirations, business lessons, and personal lives. Stay tuned!


Do it wrong

do it wrong, inspirational, oh young designer

Make mistakes.

Screw up.

Do it wrong.

Do it wrong again.

But then fix it.

And smile.

Because you won’t make that mistake again. You’ll learn. And you’ll get better.

This is the real world. This is called experience. Absorb every moment. And move on. In fact, don’t stop making mistakes, messing up, or moving on. Ever.

Business Card Templates (NEW!)

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business card, business card template, marketing template, typography, etsy shop, oh young designer

Hello friends, I have two new business card templates on in the Etsy Shop today. These are for YOU to customize – you will receive an editable Photoshop file to add your own information to it. Fonts are listed and they are free for download (they cannot be included in the file for copyright reasons).

Everyone say “ooooh” and “ahhhh” or some other golly-gee-I’m-in-awe-phrase.Enjoy!

Fall Fashion Look Book

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Hello blog friends,

I have recently started my own personal blog, I have much more personal topics and photography-related features on this blog and I just completed a little project I am calling the Fall Fashion Look Book. Would love if you subscribed to email or RSS updates for that blog.

Click here to see the Look Book!

Much love,


P.S. The Look Book was a personal project I created for myself. It was to give myself an opportunity to envision an idea and bring it to life.

One Wacky Combination: Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat

feed the beat, taco bell

Never in a million years would I pair Passion Pit with Taco Bell, but guess what folks, the two have intertwined.

In an incredibly cool marketing push, Taco Bell has publicly launched it’s Feed the Beat campaign, which apparently, has been seven years in the making.

They are helping up-and-coming bands reach new audiences, supporting them with free food, stage appearances, commercial spots, and promotions on social media. I absolutely love the idea that a national company like Taco Bell is using it’s corporate power to reach out to young people dreaming and living their passion.

Seriously, what a cool campaign, website, imagery, film. It’s all stellar. A round of applause. Turn up the music and bring me some queso.