Blog Tip #1: Using and crediting other’s images

This is the first time I’ve truly blogged. Hopefully adding some value to young designers out there with my little bit o’ knowledge from the real world.

Since this is my first time blogging, I have been googling answers to questions I have about how to go about this. As I discover them, I will share what I find. If you have tips for me or disagree with any info, please share! The point here is to learn!

So to kick it off:

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Blog Tip #1

Images on public websites, such as a retail store, are usable on your personal site as long as you credit the source, of course. You MUST credit the source. On the flip side, images on someone’s personal blog or website, must be granted permission to use before you can use it on your own blog. And again, you MUST credit the source.