Freebie | Live at the pace of grace – Desktop Wallpaper


Hello friends! I have a desktop wallpaper for you to download over at my personal blog. Use it as a reminder to stay positive and remember the grace God gives each of us every single day. No matter others’ wrongs against you, you still have the responsibility to show grace to them and to every person you encounter in your life.

Fun facts: I took this photo sitting at a picnic table right outside Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. I also have my first officially purchased font for the text.

How to make an iPhone wallpaper design

Something I have never done before and something I wanted to learn how to do:

How to make an iPhone wallpaper design (super simple, Photoshop skills required.)

1. Open Photoshop

2. Create a new document 320 px wide x 480 px high at 72 dpi

3. Add your photo, text or design and save it as a .jpg

Done. Easy.


In honor of my first ever iPhone wallpaper design, you can download the above design for FREE here.

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Freebie: Business Card Template

Oh, hey!

Giving away a business card template to celebrate the opening of my Etsy Shop. Template (Photoshop CS5) will be available for the next 24 hours! Then it will be gone – sad day.

Get it here. Show my shop some love. Please and thanks. :]

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