Not what you expected

You’re new in the design world, maybe an intern. You want the big projects, but keep getting the small mind-numbing, soul-crushing, tiny tweaks and changes to items that are already designed by the lead graphic designer. You do production work. You take orders from someone above you. This is not what you expected. You wanted to design something fun. You wanted the glamour that you thought the design world was. News flash: it’s a job.

Pay your dues. You need to appreciate the small things before you can appreciate the big ones. At Zappos, all employees, even executives, start in the call center for two weeks. No one is “above” it and it’s viewed as one of the most valuable aspects of the Zappos culture. So put in your time, work as hard as you can, and have a positive attitude no matter how menial the task. This concept applies to life as well.

Thinking you are better than the small design tasks will give you a reputation as an ass pretty fast. Guess what? This little stuff is the real world. Embrace it.