Fab Find: Design Presentation Templates

First, if you don’t follow and subscribe to David Airey, do so immediately. He is a brilliant graphic designer and his email and blog posts are short, sweet, and wonderful for any young designer or creative. Seriously, go subscribe to him now. Of all the emails that flood my inbox, I always make time to read his.

Secondly, David shared these blank, photographic design presentation templates the other day on his blog. The templates are a compilation of billboards, coffee mugs, shopping bags, Mac screens, and any other object you could possibly brand, and they are left blank to add your own designs in order to create a realistic presentation of the final product. Any designer would be crazy giddy about these. I haven’t yet purchased them as I do not work in an agency, but they are on my radar as soon as I find some valuable use I can put them to – possibly a portfolio update?

Why didn’t I think of these? So instead, I’m sharing them with the world.


Blog Tip #4: SEO on images

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Blog Tip #4 relates to optimizing your images for search engines. How do search engines like Google and Bing find your tiny little real estate of a blog in the sea of the world wide web? What do you need to do in order for your images to become search-worthy? I was clueless (let’s be honest) so here are the primary tips I came across:

Files Names:

Name your image files with your key words. If you are talking about wedding photography in a downtown vintage reception location, name your file, “wedding-photography-downtown-vintage-reception.jpg”. The more repetition from your blog title to your blog content to your image alt tags, keywords, and file names, the better your SEO chances of google bots tracking your blog post down and bumping it up in the rankings.

ALT Text:

When you upload an image to wordpress, there is a spot to insert ALT text keywords before pressing “insert into post.” USE THIS. Add your keywords relating to your image. This may be the most crucial step to making your images search-able. In the example used above, your ALT text would read: “wedding photography downtown vintage reception” Match your alt tag to your image file name, use keywords relating to your post, and it doesn’t hurt to through in the title of your blog either. Use model or serial numbers if you are selling or speaking to a specific product. This helps search engines pinpoint your topic.

Image Title:

Again, WordPress allows you to change the title of the image. WordPress automatically inserts it’s own image title based on the name of your file, however, you have the ability to expand the title of your image.


I am not currently doing this one, but Flickr is one of the best search-optimized photo sharing sites in the world. Uploading all your images to Flickr and linking back to your site, increases your chances for more exposure.


1. Put yourself in the “searcher’s” shoes. What would they google if they wanted to find examples of wedding photography in a downtown setting with a vintage twist? “Wedding photography vintage,” “vintage downtown photography,” and “vintage wedding” are just a few search terms they may type into a Google search bar.

2. Don’t over complicate your word choices. Using too many keywords makes your image hard to find because it makes it too specific. Using too few keywords makes your image hard to find because it makes it too broad. You need to use the right words and the right amount of words in order to be found in the right niche.

3. Keep file sizes small. The larger the file size, the longer it takes for your page to load and the more metadata a search engine needs to sift through in order to optimize your image. Don’t sacrifice image quality, but make sure your file size isn’t outrageously large. Nothing is more annoying than being super interested in a blog and waiting 30 seconds for a series of images to load.

Those are the basics.

If I forgot something, share in the comments!

Make it a big one

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“Telling a story” is what marketing is all about these days. ┬áIt’s the trend. It’s everywhere. Apple is pushing it. Subaru is pushing it. The story tellers will win the war for our attention. We relate to stories. We understand stories. We are built to story-tell.

What’s your story?

The greatest minds I have ever had the privilege of hearing speak, know their story. They know what they stand for. They know their weaknesses. They know their strengths. Most of them can state their personal vision and values in 10 words or less. Can you describe YOU in ten words or less?

YOU are a brand. You have a story. Might as well make it a big one.